Our Projects

Big Emma

“Big Emma” is a 77-unit mixed-income apartment development located on Emma Avenue in downtown Springdale.

In collaboration with the Walton Family Foundation, Groundwork will make a $6.75 million investment in “Big Emma,” a 77-unit apartment development project entitled and approved for development on Emma Avenue in downtown Springdale. Through this investment the project will create 30 units restricted to workforce rents and reserved for households earning below the median income in Northwest Arkansas.

The “Big Emma” project will be managed by the Community Development Northwest Arkansas (CDNWA), that will ensure long-term affordability and tenant income compliance on the workforce units. CDNWA manages 320 residential rental units and 100,000sf of commercial lease space in the region. They provide income certification services for mixed-income programs at Briq, Crystal Flats, Town Branch, and Trailside projects.

Project operations will generate a market return for private investors, and grant investment return directed the fund.