Workforce Housing for NW Arkansas

We're dedicated to increasing workforce housing in Northwest Arkansas. Collaborating with partners, we create diverse, mixed-income communities near key amenities and job centers, benefiting workers like teachers, firefighters, and healthcare professionals.

Understanding the Issue

We work with partners to create affordable housing in Northwest Arkansas, focusing on essential workers and fostering vibrant neighborhoods. Our aim is to support community members in finding quality homes near their workplaces and local amenities. Through these efforts, we serve as a key resource in developing diverse workforce housing options.

  • The Problem

    Rising Housing Costs
  • The Solution

    Mixed-Income Housing Solutions
  • The Impact

    Strong Communities


Reports and Resources:

Latest data, reports and numbers on housing in NWA.


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FutureIsNow Speaker Series:

Hear from renowned national and local housing experts who share solutions and best practices in building walkable, livable and vibrant communities.

Get Involved

Engaged Citizens:

Actively shape the future of NW Arkansas. Your involvement supports sustainable, affordable homes for all. #FutureIsNow


Explore diverse workforce housing models near transportation and employment. Collaborate to eliminate housing barriers and create positive change.


Contribute to a regional housing fund and support innovative models to increase workforce housing supply. Your support helps provide diverse housing options in NW Arkansas.