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Mission, Vision & Values

Founded in 2021, Groundwork’s mission is to provide strategic regional leadership, expertise and resources to strengthen communities by expanding housing for working families near employment, commercial and cultural centers in Northwest Arkansas.

Through education and advocacy, Groundwork will elevate the importance of housing affordability in Northwest Arkansas and support policies, programs and initiatives that build public will and increase the supply of well-designed housing options in mixed-income neighborhoods for the region’s workers and their families. This includes advocating for model housing policies that remove barriers and offering incentives for workforce housing development.

Groundwork will also identify creative, nimble and flexible financing and land options to support housing affordability. A planned housing fund will offer provide complementary financial tools for nonprofit and private developers to support the development of more affordable units.

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What’s at Stake?

Teachers, nurses, firefighters, and other essential workers face increasing obstacles finding affordable housing within the central corridor and near the region’s top amenities. The barriers often prevent people from living in and contributing to the richness of these communities.

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    Are you a developer thats wants to learn more about our work? Find out what you can do help solve the housing attainability challenge in NWA.

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    Are you passionate about housing? Volunteer to become a part of our Future Shaper coalition and be a voice for our housing in our region.

    Supported by the Walton Family Foundation

    Groundwork is funded and supported by the Walton Family Foundation

    Incubated by the Northwest Arkansas Council

    Groundwork is a workstream under the Northwest Arkansas Council